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After Everest record Indian woman sets sights on unclimbed peaks

KATHMANDU (Reuters) - A 38-year-old Indian climber who made the fastest double ascent of Mount Everest and became the first woman to reach the highest point on earth twice in five days, says she will...div class=feedflare a href=h...

Japan bathhouse offers 'naked school' to lure bathers

TOKYO (Reuters) - A Tokyo bathhouse is offering classes on topics ranging from comedy to gaming in hopes of luring younger bathers and reversing Japans dying tradition of communal baths.div class=feedflare a href=http://feeds.reut...

Britain's real-life 'Iron Man' has high hopes for jet suit

SOMERSET, England (Reuters) - The British inventor of an Iron Man-style jet suit has lofty hopes that his project, which started out as fun experiment, could become a practical tool for industries...div class=feedflare a href=http...

London's Chelsea Flower Show in full bloom

LONDON (Reuters) - Britains most prestigious flower show is taking place this week with hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of floral delights from Alium to Zantedeschia.div class=feedflare a href=

Baseball for the blind takes flight in Cuba

HAVANA (Reuters) - Yubis Zapata had to stop playing baseball when he lost his eyesight during military service due to an explosion, so for him, it is a miracle to be able to play once more, in Cubas...div class=feedflare a href=ht...

Fashion designer Laura Biagiotti, Italy's 'Queen of Cashmere' dies

ROME (Reuters) - Laura Biagiotti, who helped transform her mothers business from a small tailoring shop in Rome to an internationally recognized ready-to-wear fashion brand, died on Friday aged 73,...div class=feedflare a href=htt...

Aboriginal Australians meet at sacred Uluru to discuss first chance of recognition

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Aboriginal Australian leaders are meeting at the sacred landmark of Uluru to decide how the countrys first inhabitants, who date back about 50,000 years before British colonizers...div class=feedflare a href=htt...

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