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Princess Diana beguiles the world 20 years after death

LONDON (Reuters) - From TV documentaries and the private memories of her sons to a slew of new revelations and renewed theories about her death, Britains Princess Diana is once again front page... ...

Paris revels in tourism surge, but cautious after Barcelona

PARIS (Reuters) - Paris is on track to welcome more tourists this year than ever before after a bumper first half, a senior official said, though some would-be visitors might think again after the... ...

Fisherman nets message in a bottle in isolated Gaza

GAZA (Reuters) - For Palestinian fisherman Jihad al-Soltan, it was a surprise summer catch -- a message in a bottle that he netted off a Gaza beach. ...

Britain's Big Ben falls silent for four years of renovation work

LONDON (Reuters) - The Big Ben bell in the British parliaments famous clock tower tolled for the last time on Monday before it ceased its regular bongs for four years while renovation work is... ...

Currency gag wins best joke prize at Edinburgh Fringe

EDINBURGH (Reuters) - A comedian who quipped about Britains new pound coin at the Edinburgh arts festival has won Best Joke of the Fringe 2017, television channel Dave said on Tuesday ...

Specially brewed beer for dogs on menu in Croatia's only beach bar for dogs

CRIKVENICA, Croatia, Aug 20 (Reuters) - Specially brewed beer made of chicken and vegetables and ice cream made from bananas, peanuts, yogurt and soy milk are top items on the menu in Croatias... ...

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