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Enthused by Wi-Fi hotspots, Cubans clamor for more Internet access

HAVANA (Reuters) - At dusk, when the worst of the Caribbean heat has subsided, parks around Cuba fill with families video chatting with loved ones abroad or scrolling through social media, their... ...

Michelin to release San Francisco dining guide after wildfire delay

(Reuters) - Michelin said on Monday it will release the 2018 edition of its restaurant guide to the San Francisco area on Friday after postponing it following wildfires that killed more than 40... ...

Sierra Leone to auction multi-million dollar diamond to benefit poor

Ramat Gan, ISRAEL (Reuters) - Sierra Leone hopes to raise millions of dollars for development projects by auctioning a huge uncut diamond, believed to be one of the worlds largest, in New York in... ...

Armani plans transfer of stake in fashion firm to his foundation

MILAN (Reuters) - Giorgio Armanis succession plans include a transfer of part of his high-end fashion empire to his charitable foundation in a bid to prevent any takeovers or a break-up of the... ...

Last post: Titanic victim's letter sells for record $166,000

LONDON (Reuters) - A personal letter found on the body of a man killed in the sinking of the Titanic sold at auction on Saturday for 126,000 pounds ($166,000), a record price for correspondence from... ...

Italy gets back looted mosaic from Emperor Caligula's ship

ROME (Reuters) - A floor mosaic from one of Roman Emperor Caligulas opulent private ships, which was stolen after World War Two, is on its way back to Italy from the United States where it has been... ...

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