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  • Soap Cherie Soap Bar

    Soap Cherie Soap Bar
    Holding great lathering and conditioning properties, the Soap Cherie Soap Bar is composed of plant-based oils including shea butter, olive oil, hempseed, corn o...(more)

    $7.00 More Details
  • Soap Cherie Artisan Soap Bar

    Soap Cherie Artisan Soap Bar
    All skin types can indulge in this decadent Soap Cherie artisan soap bar to help condition their skin. Composed of plant-based oils--including shea butter, hemp...(more)

    $16.00 More Details
  • Soap Cherie Cake Slice Soap

    Soap Cherie Cake Slice Soap
    Not only is this cake slice-shaped soap amazing for your skin, it looks delicious enough to eat! Suitable for all skin types, the sweet soap from Soap Cherie is...(more)

    $16.00 More Details
  • Soap Cherie Cupcake Soap

    Soap Cherie Cupcake Soap
    A true bath-time treat! This uniquely designed Cupcake Soap from Soap Cherie is formulated with skin-nourishing oils and looks good enough to eat. Suitable for ...(more)

    $16.00 More Details
  • Soap Cherie Hand Therapy

    Soap Cherie Hand Therapy
    Treat your hands to Soap Cherie Hand Therapy; a thick, fast-absorbing, moisturizing lotion formulated with plant-based oils. Enriched with shea butter, jojoba o...(more)

    $16.00 More Details
  • Soap Cherie Shampoo Bar

    Soap Cherie Shampoo Bar
    Treat your hair to a unique cleansing experience with this Soap Cherie Shampoo Bar. All hair types can benefit from this plant-based and essential oil formula. ...(more)

    $18.00 More Details
  • Soap Cherie Bubble Bath

    Soap Cherie Bubble Bath
    Sink into a luxurious Soap Cherie Bubble Bath and soak your worries away. This formula is enriched with jojoba oil and vitamin E for moisturizing benefits. Fill...(more)

    $24.00 More Details
  • Soap Cherie Massage Oil

    Soap Cherie Massage Oil
    Soap Cherie Massage Oil is an oil-based candle that turns into a massage oil when burned. Made with soy, grape seed oil, shea butter, mango butter, jojoba oil, ...(more)

    $26.00 More Details
  • Soap Cherie Shower Oil

    Soap Cherie Shower Oil
    Wrap yourself in the rich, foaming lather of this Soap Cherie Shower Oil as it gently cleanses and conditions your skin. This moisturizing liquid soap is made f...(more)

    $27.00 More Details