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  • NUDESTIX Brow Wax

    NUDESTIX Brow Wax
    What is it: NUDESTIX Brow Wax is a soft, clear wax that styles even the most stubborn and coarse hairs to help tame unruly brows--or make tame brows unruly.Who ...(more)

    $24.00 More Details
  • NUDESTIX Bronzing Pencil

    NUDESTIX Bronzing Pencil
    What is it: This easy-to-use, dual-ended powder pencil from NUDESTIX offers both luminous and matte bronzing shades ideal to color, highlight, and contour for t...(more)

    $24.00 More Details
  • NUDESTIX Sculpting Pencil

    NUDESTIX Sculpting Pencil
    What is it: An easy-to-use, dual-ended, matte-cream sculpting pencil from NUDESTIX that offers long-wearing, blendable coverage in shades ideal to highlight and...(more)

    $24.00 More Details
  • NUDESTIX Magnetic Eye Color

    NUDESTIX Magnetic Eye Color
    Go nude, but better. NUDESTIX Magnetic Eye Color is an uber-long-wearing eye shadow pencil that highlights, precisely lines, and primes lids for intense, all-da...(more)

    $24.00 More Details
  • NUDESTIX Lip Pen

    NUDESTIX Lip Pen
    What is it: Go nude, but better. NUDESTIX Lip Pen is available in two high-performance liquid formulations, matte or gloss.Who is it for: Perfect for anyone loo...(more)

    $24.00 More Details
  • NUDESTIX Lip  & Cheek Pencil

    NUDESTIX Lip & Cheek Pencil
    What is it: Go nude, but better. NUDESTIX Lip + Cheek Pencil is an extra-creamy, soft-feeling lip liner, lip color, and cheek cream all in one.Who is it for: Id...(more)

    $24.00 More Details
  • NUDESTIX Eye Pencil

    NUDESTIX Eye Pencil
    What is it: Go nude, but better. NUDESTIX Eye Pencil multitasks as an eyeliner, eye shadow, and highlighting pencil--letting you achieve a luminous wash of shee...(more)

    $24.00 More Details
  • NUDESTIX Concealer Pencil

    NUDESTIX Concealer Pencil
    What is it: A soft, matte, cream concealer/foundation all-in-one from NUDESTIX that offers excellent, long-wearing, blendable coverage of under-eye darkness, bl...(more)

    $24.00 More Details
  • NUDESTIX Clean-Up Pencil

    NUDESTIX Clean-Up Pencil
    What is it: A makeup clean-up pencil by NUDESTIX that instantly removes all "oops" with a swipe and wipe. Use it to fix common makeup blunders and flaws...(more)

    $24.00 More Details