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Hundreds of dignitaries to attend as Japan's emperor declares enthronement

Japanese Emperor Naruhito is set to proclaim his enthronement to the world next week in a centuries-old ceremony attended by some 2,500 people, including heads of state and other dignitaries from... ...

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Hungarian village's last bell ringer toils on as youth flee to cities

Ilona Petras family has been in charge of ringing the bells of the 600-year-old Catholic church in the small village of Tereny in the northeast of Hungary for over a hundred years. ...

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Kimono runway show lights up Tokyo fashion week

Rock met kimonos as Tokyo kicked off its fashion week with a dazzling runway show that put a modern twist on the traditional Japanese garment. ...

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Thailand unveils puppies with royal pedigree

Thailand has unveiled eight puppies related to the pet dog of late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, as the country observed the third anniversary of the monarchs death. ...

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Afghan museum restores Buddhist history, one broken piece at a time

Restoring Afghanistans Buddhist artifacts that were destroyed by the Taliban 18 years ago is like working on a 1,500-year-old jigsaw puzzle, say conservators working on the latest restoration... ...

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Egypt discovers archaeological industrial zone in Luxor's 'Valley of the Monkeys'

Egypt on Thursday unveiled two archaeological discoveries in Luxor including an industrial zone at the southern citys West Valley, also known as the Valley of the Monkeys. ...

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Supertyphoon Hagibis gives new wind to Philippine disco band

For a four-decade-old Philippine disco band, the namesake supertyphoon bearing down on Japan has brought a sudden rush of interest in its macho act. ...

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