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Chilean start-up, 'Wheel the World,' broadens horizons for disabled

A Chilean start-up has been launched to open up some of the worlds most iconic tourist attractions to disabled visitors. ...

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Tisci takes Burberry's Victorian past to the future in spring show

Italian designer Riccardo Tisci looked to Burberrys Victorian roots for the luxury British brands latest line at London Fashion Week on Monday, mixing delicate lace with edgy street style for looks... ...

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Korean hangover? South Korean pub takes down North Korean trappings after complaints

The owner of a North Korea-themed pub being renovated in South Korea took down a North Korean flag and portraits of the isolated countrys late leaders on Monday after complaints from neighbors who... ...

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Facing redundancy in New Zealand? Send in the clowns

An employee of a New Zealand advertising company hired a professional clown to sit with him as his support person at a redundancy meeting in which he was fired, the Stuff New Zealand reported. ...

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With frills and tulle, volume reigns at Molly Goddard fashion show

British designer Molly Goddard focused on volume for womens spring wardrobes at her London Fashion Week show on Saturday, presenting a colorful collection of puffy smock dresses, frilly skirts and... ...

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Fire and thread: Bayeux-inspired 'Game of Thrones' tapestry unveiled in France

The French town of Bayeux has been home for nearly a millennium to a tapestry depicting a bloody battle for power. ...

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Treasured Notre-Dame tapestry restored after blaze

An ornate tapestry woven in the early 1800s and rescued from Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral after a massive fire in April is going on public display for only the third time in recent decades. ...

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