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Rockin 'n' rollin on Mars: Rolling Stones have space rock named after them

The Rolling Stones have rocked stages around the world in their more than 50-year career. But now their influence has gone into space after NASAs Mars InSight Mission named a rock on the planet... ...

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Tiny Nevada town near secretive Area 51 braces for alien hunters

Connie West, co-owner of an alien-themed motel in the tiny U.S. desert outpost of Rachel, Nevada, believes they are coming no matter what. Not aliens, but alien hunters. ...

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Artists use street murals to change image of violent Caracas slum

In the sprawling slum of Petare in the east of Venezuelas capital of Caracas, 31-year-old Fabian Solymar begins sketching a mural of abstract figures on a wall filled with Socialist Party political... ...

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No-frills Wills: British royals take commercial flight to see queen

Britains Prince William has taken a commercial no-frills flight to visit his grandmother Queen Elizabeth, winning plaudits and favorable comparisons to his brother Harry after the younger sibling... ...

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London Zoo launches its trickiest annual task - the weigh-in

Bullfrogs, pythons and penguins were among creatures being coaxed onto the scales at London Zoo this week for the annual check on their weight and size. ...

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From checkpoint to counterpoint: on tour with the Palestine Youth Orchestra

Most international musicians would baulk at the notion of a two-day journey to final rehearsals past military checkpoints on alert for weapons smugglers - but for 19-year-old viola player Ibrahim... ...

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An African American mother and daughter journey to their family's past in Ghana

Halfway across the Atlantic Ocean, the plane carrying Tani Sanchez and her daughter Tani Sylvester on a heritage tour to Ghana crossed paths with a powerful storm. ...

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