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Budapest bikers hand out sandwiches and hope for Christmas

On a chilly evening before Christmas, more than a dozen cyclists emerge from the basement of an old apartment building in Budapest with backpacks full of sandwiches to feed the homeless. ...

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Banksy's flying reindeer highlight Christmas homeless plight

Elusive British street artist Banksy has highlighted the issue of rough sleeping in a seasonal mural showing two flying reindeer pulling a homeless man on a street-bench sleigh. ...

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Living the dream: the commoners who bought a French castle

For most of the year, Willy Nanlohij, a 62-year-old retired bank worker, lives with his wife Hilda in a comfortable yet unremarkable home in the Dutch city of Enschede. ...

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Dress Diana wore for Travolta dance sells for more than $280,000

A sweeping gown Princess Diana wore when she danced with John Travolta at the White House has been bought for more than $280,000 by the charity that looks after her former palace. ...

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Church nativity scene depicts Holy Family as caged refugees

A Methodist church in Southern California has turned a classic Christmas tradition - the Nativity scene depicting the birth of Jesus - into a statement about immigration by putting the Holy Family in... ...

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'Grease' jacket regifted to Olivia Newton-John after auction

The buyer of Olivia Newton-Johns famous leather Grease jacket has returned it to the singer and donated the $243,000 he spent to her cancer treatment center in Australia. ...

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Chop-your-own Christmas trees: Dutch park makes festive free offer

A national park in the Netherlands is making an unusual offer to visitors this holiday season: come and chop down your own Christmas tree - for free. ...

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