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Americans wish for luck in $700-million Powerball lottery jackpot

(Reuters) - The odds against wining are astronomical, but millions of Americans will be hoping for some life-altering luck on Wednesday night when winning numbers are drawn for the second-highest... ...

Depopulation turns Serbian villages into ghost towns

REPUSNICA, Serbia (Reuters) - Repusnica was once a bustling village on the slopes of Mount Stara Planina in Serbia. Now its bars lie empty, its houses stand shuttered and nobody walks its streets. ...

The People's Princess, Britons work to keep memory alive

LONDON (Reuters) - Abdul Daoud spilt most of the cappuccino into the saucer the first time he served Princess Diana, his nerves getting the better of him. ...

Microflats attract investor cash as millennials embrace co-living

(Reuters) - Millennials priced out of Londons traditional housing market are opting to rent tiny apartments in so-called co-living developments, a fast-growing area that private investors and... ...

Paris revels in tourism surge, but cautious after Barcelona

PARIS (Reuters) - Paris is on track to welcome more tourists this year than ever before after a bumper first half, a senior official said, though some would-be visitors might think again after the... ...

Fisherman nets message in a bottle in isolated Gaza

GAZA (Reuters) - For Palestinian fisherman Jihad al-Soltan, it was a surprise summer catch -- a message in a bottle that he netted off a Gaza beach. ...