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Steep alcohol taxes drive Turkey's drinkers to home-brew

ANKARA (Reuters) - Carefully testing the temperature of a bucket of fermenting beer, Onder Ceyhan pushes back the foam to add a touch of yeast to his latest batch of home-brewed drink. ...

Macron is popular - at least when he's imprisoned in a snow globe

PARIS (Reuters) - His ratings may be down, but snow globes containing pictures of French President Emmanuel Macron are flying off the shelves in Paris - bought both by fans and by those who want to... ...

Bones of contention: Australia returns ancient Aboriginal remains for outback burial

SYDNEY (Reuters) - The 40,000-year-old remains of an Aboriginal man that prompted a drastic rewrite of Australian history were returned to his ancestral homeland on Friday after four decades of... ...

Sante! France welcomes start of Beaujolais Nouveau wine season

PARIS (Reuters) - Early-morning parties, parades and lots of raised glasses marked the release of the 2017 Beaujolais Nouveau wine across France on Thursday. ...

Washington's new Museum of the Bible aims to inform, not preach

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Ancient scripts and rocker Elvis Presleys Bible will be on display at the $500 million Museum of the Bible, which opens this weekend in Washington after questions about the... ...

Da Vinci portrait of Christ sells for record $450.3 million in New York

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Leonardo da Vincis portrait of Christ, Salvator Mundi, sold for a record-smashing $450.3 million on Wednesday at Christies, more than double the old price for any work of art... ...

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  • e-cloth Stainless Steel Pack

    e-cloth Stainless Steel Pack
    The secret to smudge-free stainless? A stash of e-cloths nearby to clean and polish away dirt, grime, and greasy prints--using just water. One cloth handles bot...(more)

    $14.98 More Details
  • e-cloth Window Pack

    e-cloth Window Pack
    Windows with nothing to hide! Treat yourself to windows and mirrors that are streak-free, lint-free, and sparkling clean. Millions of tiny fibers create these c...(more)

    $14.98 More Details
  • e-cloth Bathroom Pack

    e-cloth Bathroom Pack
    Clean--naturally! Ditch those noxious cleaners and rid your bathroom of soap scum, water marks, and even bacteria with just water, a little elbow grease, and th...(more)

    $14.98 More Details
  • e-cloth Starter Pack

    e-cloth Starter Pack
    A cleaning must-have! This five-piece e-cloth set packs a clean punch with millions of tiny fibers to do the dirty work. With just water, you can safely and eff...(more)

    $29.98 More Details